We believe that baptism is for those who have chosen to put their faith in Christ. Following the New Testament model, we do not baptise babies or infants, but rather wait until an individual decides that they want to declare their faith in Christ publicly by being baptised. There is no age limit on this; it simply depends on the individual’s profession of faith. Our church practises ‘full immersion’ baptism, which is where the individual goes fully under the water, symbolically ‘dying to sin’ and leaving behind the old way of life, and then coming up out of the water, which identifies with the resurrection of Christ.

Sams Baptism

As we don’t have facilities within Bill Quay Church to baptise fully in this way, we usually use Beacon Lough Baptist Church for our baptisms – although we have also conducted baptisms in a large swimming pool in the church garden!

We do recognise the special place that children held in Jesus’ heart, and so, at the request of parents, we pray for babies or infants to receive a blessing from God, and agree as a church to support the parents in the upbringing of the child as far as we are able.