Financial Giving

Bill Quay Community Church (Heworth Christian Fellowship) is a registered charity, and our income comes from the gifts of our members, much of which is Gift Aided. We don’t have a weekly offering, but instead have an offering box always available at the front of the church should anyone wish to give. Many members choose to give via standing order each month; this giving is kept private, known only to the giver and the Treasurer.

We have a group of six trustees who administer the finances of the church, chaired by Chris Roberts. This group reports to the Charities Commission each year. Over the years we have tried to give away more than ten percent of our income annually, and usually we have given far more than this. Among other causes / organisations, we have supported missionaries who have gone overseas from the church, young people who have taken gap years to work voluntarily with Christian organisations, local organisations such as Youth For Christ, and national organisations such as Tear Fund.